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What is the First Responders Chaplain Association?

The First Responders Chaplain Association, Inc was established in May 2021. The purpose of the F.R.C.A. is to seek, train, and ordain God fearing men and women who have received the calling to serve in the community, outside of the traditional setting of a church. Chaplaincy is a ministry of presence. A chaplain is a servant of God called to represent him in one of the most diverse societies in our nation’s history. This involves going to wherever is needed, seeking the lonely and the forgotten, desiring the desirable and sharing Jesus Christ’s story of love and redemption for the world.

What is the F.R.C.A. mission?

The F.R.C.A mission is to provide the best possible spiritual care and a true ministry of presence.

What is the F.R.C.A. vision?

The vision is to provide training and guidance, as well as to oversight chaplains that serve those in our community, providing spiritual care and companionship in times of need.

What are the benefits of a F.R.C.A. membership?

The F.R.C.A. is not just a training and service ministry, but is additionally an accountability organization, that ensures its members serve with the highest respect and observe the code code of ethics established and outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. The F.R.C.A. also ensures its members are trained in all aspects of the chaplaincy ministry, observing the diverse organizations standards and code of ethics.

What types of memberships does the F.R.C.A. offer?

The F.R.C.A. currently offers three types of memberships:

What areas of the community does the F.R.C.A. serve?

The F.R.C.A. directly serves the community in a variety of organizations, ranging from Law Enforcement to Hospice Care Providers. As Chaplains, we are ministers of presence, directly involved in the needs of the community, whether that includes working at a soup kitchen and servicing meals while ministering to those who are less fortunate and in need, or the joyful celebration of a wedding as a minister. During Covid-19, we officiated funerals, as well as visited those that had nobody to care for them.

What organization association does the F.R.C.A. work with?

The First Responders Chaplain Association works with organizations that include:

We currently serve directly and/or provide support to:

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